Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back To Nature

Joey and her worm friend

My darlings in the organic garden at Stein Farm in National City

Toad House Near Classrooms in Sacramento

Flow waterfall - created by students at the college

Outdoor parent lounge - in my mind anyway.

I believe that life gives us a theme sometimes and lets us explore it. Recently, that theme for me has been the sense of wonder and oneness to be found in contact with the natural world. The inspriation for this (as for much else) comes from my kinders. Together we share amazement at finch eggs, earth worms, flowers, cloud shapes, and rain storms. A couple of weeks ago, we also grooved on sea stars, octopi, shark eggs, and cuttle fish. And, with my parent-friends Amy and Lauri, I am seeking inspriation for nature-enhancement of our new school site. The images above are from the Waldorf School of Sacramento - my model for the idea child's environment - and from our field trip to Stein Farm ( But just wait - in five years, people are going to be travelling to Linda Vista to get inspiration for their gardens.