Sunday, May 10, 2009


I know everyone thinks their mother is the best (except for those who don't), but my mother is really hard to beat.
For Mother's Day, my kinders wrote things they like about their moms. Here are mine:
1. Absolutely no one con make me laugh as hard as Mama. Tears run down my face and I loose the power of speech. Now Molly has joined the joke fest & we ALL roll around gasping for air.
2. She really does make the best fried chicken. Also cornbread. I've been following her recipe for years and hers is still way better than mine.
3. In my mamas eyes, I do nothing wrong. If I became an axe murderer, she would say, "Those people must have needed to be axe-murdered." This made my teen years a hoot.
4. She would give me (and has) the shirt off her back. I have to be careful when I complement her on something she is wearing, or she will give it to me. I say, "I like that ON YOU."
5. She is a fabulous Grama, possibly Molly's best friend. I do appreciate this, though it is hard sometimes - they have a tendency to gang up on me.
There are so many more. Most of the good qualities I have, the appreciations for the good things in life, were taught to me by my Mama. She's still teaching me to enjoy life. I hope she never stops.